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Query on Data Integration in Semarchy: Basic Entity(SA Table) Initially, the entire data(full snapshot) is being loaded via REST API. Later on, when we have updates on the previously loaded record how can we do that in Semarchy, if the PK is semarchy generated. As far as I know, the updation happens on PK. Note: Data is being ingested from SAP PRE using SAP PO as the middleware tool. • One way to achieve this is asking SAP PO team to do get request for the ID that needs to be updated and then update the record information for that ID. Is there any other way to achieve this apart from this? Eg: This is the data existing in the RetailSite Entity. Now, I have to update the SiteName from ABC to ABCD. RetailSiteID(Semarchy Generated ID) SiteName Brand 1 ABC BP 2 DEF BP

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Hi Srinivasa, you are correct that when updating records in a basic entity you will need to reference the primary key value to make the update.