Asked a question 7 months ago

I want to add in a relation table of my model, a multi-valued attribute. Do you have any examples to implement this. For the moment, on my attribute I see the "multi-value" option grayed out (location at the level of "MonChampMultiValué")

Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

Enabling the multivalue field only works on a list of LOV values.

So in your case it is not possible. 

Multi-Valued : This option applies to definition attributes having the type list of values. Checking this box allows the definition attribute to receive several codes in the list of values, separated by the 

Value Separator  provided. For example, a multi-valued  Diplomas  field can receive the  DM, DP, DPM  codes meaning that that contact is  Doctor of Medicine ,  Pharmacy,  and  Preventive Medicine .

To solve this, I suggest you create a Many-To-Many association table that will perfectly meet your needs.