Luc Boissonneault
Enteprise / Solutions Architect
Asked a question 9 months ago

Is there a way to set an embedded collection height to 100%. I'd like the collection to fill the screen when it's the only element vertically in its container.

Sr. Customer Success Consultant at Semarchy

Hi luc

You can not give a % as a height, but you can give a "big" number to be sure that the collection is going to take all the available place.

Technical Client Success Manager at Semarchy

Hi Luc, did you find the solution for this one or do you still need assistance with it?

Luc Boissonneault 
Hi David. I found out that when the embedded collection is the only thing on the tab it does stretch to 100% both horizontally and vertically.
My specific case involves two vertical containers within the tab. My embedded collection is the the second container (on the right). In this case, it does not strectch to a 100% but rather uses the height parameter. I did not find a way to achieve what I want.