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Hello, i am trying to use the Import action on a fuzzy entity to update specific attributes on Goldens. In this fuzzy entity I have 2 attributes, one for the input and the other witch is enriched with a lookup if the référence is found. In the stepper I set this lookup enricher on the collection in Step triggers with 'collection step - import (each)" event, but... when the import is finished i don't have the enriched value in the attribute. In Database, i have the input value in GA but not in GI table. I tested with a semsql enricher, the attribute is enriched before I click on Finish button... Have you any idea ?

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Hi Loic 

From what you have described (input value in GA), your import is configured for Golden Records.

You need to configure the import as Master Records if you want to update your master based golden records. Take a look at the GoldenType attribute, it holds 'MASTER_BASEDfor records that have come from a Publisher. 

On the other hand, the record you imported is 'DE_BASED', that is, it is a golden record directly created in the application,  so it won't actually merge with the one already existing as a MASTER_BASED record.

To do so, in the Action Set, for the Import action, from the Action Configurations properties tab, set the 'Imported Record Type' as Master Records

 Regards, Peter