Murakami Toshihiro
Project Manager
Asked a question 8 months ago

Hello, When user select the relationship with parent entity, use can select from the candidate of parent entity ID. However, if parent entity ID is not meaningful like sequence ID, user cannot select. Is there any way for user to select parent record from meaningful attributes in parent entity to judge it easily??

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Hi Murakami-san

In the Reference Selection properties of your Stepper, for the Form Attribute in which you are selecting the Parent enitity, you can select a Reference Picker Type of 'Collection'. 

This will ensure that you can see, not only the ID, but the other attributes as well. In the Picker Collection View choose a suitable Collection which has 'Table View' enabled.

Regards, Peter

The user will see the Display Card.

You may be seeing a default display card using the ID. But if choose a different Display Card (or edit your current Display Card) then you can display a different field like a Name or a Label.

Murakami Toshihiro 
Thanks!! I understood candidate was from DisplayCard instead of ID.