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How and Where to save a Record ID before deleting it from GD table.

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Hi Rakesh, 

Deleted records are stored in the GX table for Golden records and the MX table for master records. There are also two types of deletes. 

When doing a hard delete, this step deletes any trace of the records in every table (SA, SD, UM, MH, GH, etc.). The only trace of a hard delete is the ID (without data) of the deleted master and golden records, in the GX and MX tables. Deletes are tracked in the history for golden and master records (in the MH and GH tables), if historization is configured.

A Soft Delete that logically deletes records by moving them to a deleted records storage. There you can find the record values. 

Rakesh Jamla Please take a look at our section about Record Deletion in the Dveloper's Guide.