Jouni Turunen
Data & business architect
Asked a question 8 months ago

Is there a simple way to filter GoldenRecords that have MasterRecords from a specific source system?

Training & Solutions Architect at Semarchy

Hi Jouni

You want to display in a business view those golden records that have master records coming from ONLY one Publisher. So if a particular golden is comprised of a master from two different source systems, we want to ignore those.

Let's say you want to view masters from CRM only. You also have other Publishers such as MKT  and ERP.

The Root Filter for your business view is:

NOT ANY MasterRecords HAVE (PublisherID IN ('MKT',  'ERP') )

You can, of course, modify the Publisher list if you have other publishers.

Regards, Peter

Jouni Turunen 
Thanks! This worked - my SemQL syntax was just worng (I tried MasterRecord.PublisherID = 'DYNAMICS' without luck)