When following the documentation on declaringREST Clients, it is mentioned that the Response Output Value Selector corresponds to "a JSON Path, starting from the root of the response payload and pointing to a single value in the payload".

To help find the desired JSON Path you may follow these steps :

  • make your API call work using an external tool like Postman and copy the received response : 

                                                    Working test on Postman -> copy Response

find the desired JSON path for your Response Output using a tool like JSON Path Finder 

                                Response copied on the left, Path found by clicking on the right

  • Validate the retrieved path using a similar JayWay evaluator than ours (x. has to be removed from the beginning of the path for example) : 

  • Copy the path into the Value Selector for the tested Response Output : 

  • Test your REST Client configuration using the test button :

Your REST Client is ready for use in an API Enricher

I hope this helps!