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Is it possible to script the documentation of entities (see red square in screenshot) and attributes, so it extracts info from a data glossary application? (eg: use a function like getDefition('Country') which will display the correct defintion, in nice markup, the definition stored in the data glossary app)

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Hi Bart

Yes, you can achieve this and the definitions can be displayed using Markdown syntax. Take a look at Application Documentation Links

You can also provide direct url access to other applications:

by configuring the Documentation property: 

Maxime Janssens 
Hi Peter,

I can see how we can extract the documentation values and display it in the application within the same model.

But, our goal is to have a separate application/model for this data glossary. Users can then update/author definitions, which are stored under attributes and on the database. Is it possible to extract these values over to our main application?

We were thinking of using a function in the main application that would get the field value from the data glossary. For example GET_DOCUMENTATION('Revenue') would send a query to extract the definition that's stored on the database. But it seems like it's not possible to call a function like this to populate the documentation of an attribute automatically.

In the form field documentation, there is a possibility to use SemQL, but I'm not managing to make any function work here.