Mony Preetham
Asked a question 6 months ago

When I try to import GH table for particular Entity through Reverse-Engineering from entity level, While validating the imported GH table, I'm facing some errors as "Invalid physical name on Bclassname : B_CLASSNAME matches the reserved pattern B_CLASSNAME". How to resolve this error?

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Hi Mony

The columns that start with 'B_' are reserved names. These columns such as B_CLASSNAME are generated automatically by xDM when a model is deployed. So you won't be able to name an attribute 'b_classname' in your entity.

But why are you trying to reverse-engineer a table which has already been created by the deployment process? It doesn't make much sense. The fact that you have a GH table means that you already have that entity from which the GH (and GD etc.) tables were generated.

What are you trying to acheive?

Regards, Peter


Mony Preetham 
Hello Peter
I want to get GH tables into UI ( GD,SA and SAE are already present in Entity folder of Semarchy UI but not GH)
If we Reverse-Engineer the GH table from backend DB in Application Builder then creating default application components for particular GH Entity . So I thought may be that way I can access GH table in UI.
Hi Mony

I think I have already answered a previous question from you: it is not possible to expose the GH view in the Entities folder.

You can view the Golden History via a Business View Transition

What is your business requirement?

Regards, Peter
Mony Preetham 
Hi Peter
Thanks for the information

We are trying to capture the data changes for a particular entity ( we achieved the use case from the backend DB)

we are curious that whether we can achieve getting the GH table from UI itself . (Though we can get GH from Transitions but it applies for single record in particular entity but not the entire Entity)

I got the point that : it is not possible to expose the GH view in the Entities folder.

Thanks a lot,