Luc Boissonneault
Enteprise / Solutions Architect
Asked a question 5 months ago

Is there a simple way to look up a parent table during enrichment to find the best value based on a text attribute of the record being enriched using SemQL? Ex: countryName, FID_Country. I want to look up the country entity for the best match using Sem_edit_distance between countryName and Country.Name and set the FID_Country accordingly. Is the lookup enricher the way to go?

Director of Customer Success France

Hi Luc,

Unfortunately, the current lookup enricher is not the right way to do that because it works only with exact matching lookup natively. The lookup table is loaded in memory and the enricher looks an exact value into this table. For information, we have a story to enhance enrichment with fuzzy lookup capabilities (MDM-10482) but it's still WIP. 

So to achieve your use case, you need to manage a custom SQL lookup function using the database native fuzzy features (like UTL_MATCH.EDIT_DISTANCE_SIMILARITY on Oracle) and call this function into a semql enricher.