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How do I calculate the Age of a person with a given birthdate and return it as an integer, I am using Semarchy 5.2 and Postgres as the backend (I want to ensure that people records with date of birth have someone in an allowed age range). I tried something like this but it does not work as an expression in the Validations feature: DATE_PART('year',AGE(CAST('06/06/1966' as TIMESTAMP)))

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Hi Brent

You can use the following SemQL expression:

date_part('year', age(CURRENT_DATE(), DateOfBirth ) )

Put this into a Collection table column labeled 'Age' and you get this:

                                Age as Short Integer Default Value Data Type

The above can be also an Enricher Expression but remember if you need to put it in a validation then it needs to resolve to either a True/False e.g.   

 date_part('year', age(CURRENT_DATE(), DateOfBirth ) ) > 65

Regards, Peter

Brent Van Allen 

I am using it for a validation expression, and I will try that. Thank you (our "people" records in this case are employees, so we want to ensure that they are somewhere in the ballpark of reasonable in terms of working age).