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I have a couple of dashboard charts, both on the same table. Both of the queries behind them will produce data no problem in the Query Data Preview. In the chart preview, with charts are set up the same as other entities that DO work, both the charts for this entity I get a popup that says "Unable to retreive data from the server"...I also get "Unable to display the chart. Some validation have failed" on the preview window. So if the data preview can see the data, why can't the chart preview get the data? (since I have almost identicle queries and charts that work with other entities...the only difference is that the tables are different).

Hello Brent,

when queries are run for charts they are embedded into another query like this : 

select x, y from (select x,y) group by <your_chart_categories_and_series>

This means that if your query contains a semicolumn ";" in the end, it won't make your chart appear, but will make you Query Data Preview appear.

Also, depending on your database, some functions and other "order by" statements cannot be embedded.

You can find the root cause of your issue if you have a look at your Error log.

I hope this helps.

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Brent Van Allen 
I will have a look at this thank you.

I have a suggestion and that is if queries should (or must) generally have a semicolon on the end, it might be a good thing to add to the Dashboard validation process.
Stephanie Fourrier SEMARCHY TEAM
Hello Brent, this is a good point and I have good news, this was already reported by another customer, and raised as a bug MDM-12110, already fixed since version 5.3.4 !
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