I tried to create a basic Fuzzy Matched Entity. After creating Matcher (Record1.FirstName = Record2.FirstName) and Survivorship rules (custom ranking) when I import data into reference data (CSV file snip attached below ) in Golden Records no consolidation happened based on FirstName (all the records appearing as same as input file) and there are no records in Master Records. I what to know the steps what I'm missing/doing wrong and how publisher ID's are updated in Master records and what are Golden type field (Eg : DE_BASED , MASTER_BASED etc. )


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Hi Mony

The authoring action that you're using to import the csv is,  by default, set to Golden Records. Therefore the records are DE_BASED so won't go through matching or consolidation. To be able to match data, the records need to be Master Records.

In order to set up the authoring action to import Master Records, you need to configure this in the Action Set:

The 'Imported Record Type' is set to Master Records.

You then need to set up a Business View with a 'View Type' of Master Data, so that you can use the Import action:

Regards, Peter