Luc Boissonneault
Enteprise / Solutions Architect
Asked a question 4 months ago

Is it possible to have a conditional survirvorship rule based on a SemQL filter (akin to the filter on privileges)? We have an entity that is only partially sourced (ID matched). The records that are authored directly in Semarchy end up with an override strategy that is not adequate.

Hello Luc,

in such complex situations, you should select the Consolidation Strategy Custom Ranking and write this kind of Ranking Expression

case PublisherID     when 'PUB1' then         case when <your_conditions_for_actual_publishers> then 1 else 2     end     when 'PUB2' then         case when <your_conditions_for_authored_masters> then 1 else 2     end     else 3 end ASC, <your_other_conditions_that_could_apply_to_both> ASC

This way, you have the capability to return the desired number according to your specific conditions, and also specify any common conditions, that will be sorted ASC or DESC to decide which one should be consolidated.


If my answer does not help, please give me some concrete samples from your masters and desired consolidation, so that I can guide you to the appropriate Custom Ranking Expression.

I hope this helps.

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