Refer to official Semarchy xDM documentation for complete details on Repository Type.

This article provides details on changing Repository Type, in a Production environment.

In some instances, the Prod repository may have been initially created as Design, vs Deployment, which is the recommended Repository Type for Production environments. With the Deployment type repository, you can only import closed model editions and cannot edit them.

  1. Create a brand new schema on your prod database.
  2. Export any existing Prod models.
  3. Update your repository datasource in your startup configuration to point to the brand new schema created.
  4. Restart Tomcat in order to persist changes.  After restart, the administrator will be prompted to create a new repository. Choose the repository type DEPLOY.
  5. Follow the attached pdf document to reuse the existing datalocations, as well as the data contained within. (PDF document attached to the "Question" section of article)
  6. Deploy the previously exported models into their corresponding datalocations.